"From the moment we opened our doors in November 2014 we knew that music would be tightly woven into our identity.

Whether it's our diverse offering of incredible live acts on our custom built stage, or the soulful rhythm that flows through our restaurant floor, we're sure you'll agree that music is at the heart of everything we do when you join us here at the Pelican Club."


Friday 1st - The Cappuccino Kids

Saturday 2nd - Early - The Matt Palmer Duo

 - Late - Swing Gitan


Thursday 7th - Hot Wax

Friday 8th - The Dean Hollingsworth Duo

Saturday 9th - Early - The Jazz Bastrds

 - Late - PRS


Thursday 14th - Richards, Johnson & Holmes

Friday 15th - The Frank Birkbeck Trio

Saturday 16th - Early - The Swing Zippers

 - Late - The Si Potts Get-up


Thursday 21st - Kokopelli Duo

Friday 22nd - The Bumblin' Bees

Saturday 23rd - Early - The Teddy Fullick Duo

 - Late - Cat Mancini


Thursday 28th - The Matt Palmer Trio

Friday 29th - The Foregate Street Duo

Saturday 30th - Early - The Cappuccino Kids

 - Late - The Mighty Lupo


Thursday 5th - Richards, Johnson & Holmess

Friday 6th - Swing Gitan

Saturday 7th - Early - The Richard Smith Duo

 - Late - The Si Potts Outfit


Thursday 12th - The Bumblin' Bees

Friday 13th - The Cappuccino Kids

Saturday 14th - Early - The Teddy Fullick Duo

 - Late - Jazz Expressions


Thursday 19th - Kokopelli

Friday 20th - Cat Mancini

Saturday 21st - Early - Swing Zippers

 - Late - The Jazz Bastrds


Thursday 26th - Sunny Gets Blue

Friday 27th - The Mighty Lupo

Saturday 28th - Early - Hot Wax

 - Late - The Matt Palmer Trio

Live music runs:

Thursday 9.00 - 11.00pm

Friday 10.00pm - Midnight

Saturday Early 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Late 10.00pm - Midnight